Explore FRAGMIN resources to get practical information on managing your therapy.

Patient holding a stack of papers and his reading glasses

FRAGMIN Patient Information Booklets

Patient booklets provide disease information, FRAGMIN safety information, injection instructions and tips to help you manage your daily injections.

FRAGMIN Injection Instruction Video

This video highlights the proper way to inject FRAGMIN at home, from the careful removal of the syringe from its packaging, to the step-by-step instructions for injection.

  • It contains important safety information.
Image from the Fragmin injection instructions video. Click to play vídeo.

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FRAGMIN Prefilled Syringe with Safety Needle Device Multi-language Injection Instructions

Injection instructions for the FRAGMIN Prefilled Syringe with Safety Needle Device are available in 19 languages. Download and/or print the file most helpful to you.

FRAGMIN Multi-Dose Vial Injection Instructions

The injection instructions for the FRAGMIN Multi-Dose Vial are available in English and French. Download and/or print the file most useful to you.

Download English PDF Download French PDF Preview of front of multi-dose vial injection instructions showing visual and written instructions

FRAGMIN Wallet Card

Print the wallet card and enter your information as instructed on the card.

Carry the card with you so that you have a record of your FRAGMIN treatment should you visit other health care professionals, or in case of emergency.

Preview of front and back of Fragmin wallet card
Download PDF

Tips to help you manage your FRAGMIN therapy.

  1. Do not inject FRAGMIN into the muscle.
  2. Select a different site on the abdomen or thigh for each injection to help prevent bruises, swelling and pain at the injection site.
  3. Do not use the product if the mixture (solution) shows haziness, particulate matter, discolouration or leakage.
  4. Administer FRAGMIN at the same time each day: Taking your medication on a regular schedule is easier if you link it to something you do each day — such as brushing your teeth or shaving. As a reminder, put a note on the bathroom mirror. You can also use an alarm or cell phone to remind you when to take your medication.
  5. If you miss a dose, tell your health care professional. Do not take two doses at the next dosage time.
  6. Give yourself the injections prescribed for the entire length of time specified by your healthcare professional.
  7. Arrange for privacy: If you do not feel comfortable with people seeing you take your medication, arrange for a time each day when you are able to have some privacy.
  8. If you need refills, think about them ahead of time: Create a reminder in your diary or cell phone to order refills before you need them.
  9. Plan ahead for travelling and weekends: Think ahead about weekends or holidays. You may want to leave backup medication at places where you often go that are out of your daily routine.