How does FRAGMIN work?

FRAGMIN is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) called a low molecular weight heparin. It can help keep the blood from forming clots or keep a clot from getting larger.

FRAGMIN is an injection given just under the skin (a subcutaneous injection).

What is FRAGMIN used for?

FRAGMIN is used to:

  • Treat symptomatic blood clots to prevent recurrence of the clots in patients with cancer
  • Treat the acute formation of blood clots in deep veins
  • Prevent blood clotting (coagulation) when surgery is performed
  • Prevent clotting in those at risk when mobility is restricted during acute illness

What are FRAGMIN’s side effects?

The most common side effects are pain and bruising at the injection site. The most important side effect of anticoagulation drug therapy is bleeding. It is important that you review the full safety information for FRAGMIN in the Consumer Information leaflet supplied with your medication so that you know when to contact your doctor.